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Friday, October 22, 2004

Let there be light! Posted by Hello

More sunlight! Posted by Hello

Sunlight! Posted by Hello

Aiiieee! The world, it tilts! Posted by Hello

"MUST we discuss Aristotle? I wanna go inside and get a treat!" Don't you wish you could read your dog's expressions so well? Posted by Hello

Same view as above, but zoomed out 7x. Too bad the trees only get really colorful about the time it gets grey and rainy in Cincinnati. Posted by Hello

It's definitely fall here, and what better instrument to capture the images than an 8MP camera with the color in "Vivid"? Posted by Hello

I took this one today. There were no tree rats in the back yard for my little black dog to chase, so she spent some time trotting around pretending to hunt. Posted by Hello

The beginnings of a learning experience. Hint: If you want good beef stew, DO NOT grill the meat before stewing. It's disgusting. I got all the other elements down right, the texture was amazing, for instance. But the taste left much to be desired. Posted by Hello

It was a short flight, as you can see. Posted by Hello

Mockingbird in flight. I took this with my wife's Konica Minolta Z2, a trim little ultrazoom camera if there ever was one. Posted by Hello

Aiiieee, the flash! Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Photography, as an Art, is the study of Light on Form. Or, if one wishes not to be a pretentious twit, it's the process of making a pretty picture. Posted by Hello

Tree Rat, Gathering Energy For The Great Escape. Posted by Hello

A picture of unbearable cuteness, courtesy of the wife's camera. Posted by Hello

Here's another one my wife took. Three little black dogs, plus some assorted riff raff. Posted by Hello

Here's a picture of a little black dog that my wife took. It's not our little black dog, but the breed similarity is definite. Posted by Hello

This church fascinates me. I have no idea why. Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Tree Rat, Intrigued By Camera Flash. If I pretend hard enough and think up a a pretentious enough title, can I call this Art? No? I have to work in an uninformed political viewpoint to send a message? Well then, forget it. Posted by Hello

Here's the usual suspects, posing to fill your craving for cuteness. Posted by Hello

This ones even worse. See all that noise? That's the learning curve in action, it is. But that's one fine looking Bassett Hound. Posted by Hello

High shutter speed plus wide open aperture equals SHARP picture. I think this one was about 1/2,000 shutter with f2.8. A bit dark, I later turned it down to 1/400 shutter f2.8. Posted by Hello

I think every dog owner can relate. Here's one eager little black dog, straining at the leash, trying to get into the dog park a little sooner. Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 09, 2004

And finally, the star of the show, investigating a tree because the Scotty is doing so. Even little black dogs are vulnerable to peer pressure. Posted by Hello

Good Lord, who let the horse in here?! Posted by Hello


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