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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Say what?! Posted by Hello

Patience wearing thin...must...not...bite...Master's...ankle... Posted by Hello

It's tough being this cute. Posted by Hello

And of course, the star of the show. Bask in the cuteness, minions! Posted by Hello

Hemingway's House, a tourist attraction for some unknown reason. Posted by Hello

Our faithful steed, docked at Key West. Posted by Hello

Yet More Key West! Posted by Hello

More Key West! Posted by Hello

Key West! Posted by Hello

Hey, Macarena! No, I wasn't doing it, either, although my wife was, and no, you can't see pictures of her. Unless you pay me enough to cover the divorce that would inevitably ensue, and then set me up for life with a nice stipend. Posted by Hello

The tour guide claimed many times, with great conviction, that the crime rate in Belize is low. Horsepuckey. If you have to bar the windows of a funeral parlor in the nice section of town, then your crime rate can only be said to be "low" if you're speaking very subjectively. Most of the buildings in Belize have the windows and doors barred, unless they're owned by someone who's rich. Then they have the windows and doors barred AND they're located in a compound topped with razor wire. Posted by Hello

Lizard. Belize is overrun with these things, although I saw only the one. Posted by Hello

Temple from the front. Posted by Hello

Temple at Altun Ha. Supposedly, there were no human sacrifices at this location. Posted by Hello

The roast beef was magnificent. Posted by Hello

I love this statue, but unfortunately only got a couple of pictures of it. Posted by Hello

I like cheese! Posted by Hello

Have you ever seen so many chocolate dipped strawberries in your life? Posted by Hello

Chocolate Statue, Besieged by Fruit Pastries at the Midnight Buffet. Posted by Hello

Overview of the Midnight Buffet, a visually stunning treat for any photographer, before the unwashed hordes got in and ate it all. Posted by Hello

Another ice sculpture, this time taken without flash. Posted by Hello

Ice sculpture at the Midnight Buffet. Posted by Hello

Chocolate dragon, part of the Midnight Buffet. Posted by Hello

Another sunset shot. Posted by Hello

Two folks with one of the nicest seats on the boat. Posted by Hello


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