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Thursday, December 02, 2004

For a duck, there's very little on this earth as satisfying as a good solid stretch right before a long nap. Posted by Hello

Amazing insects of the world, unite! Posted by Hello

True visionaries are hard to come by. Little Black Dog for Secretary General of the U.N.! Heaven knows she can't do any worse than any of the other worthless figureheads installed in the post over the years. Posted by Hello

Someone insists on bringing their Great Dane/Clydesdale cross to the dog park. S'alright, cause little black dogs love to annoy, run from, and chase such large breeds. Posted by Hello

Typical view of a little black dog at the dog park. Posted by Hello

What the? What's that sign say? Posted by Hello

Well, it's good to see someone's thinking of them. Posted by Hello

Look at that positively crestfallen expression! Sheesh. Posted by Hello

Unhappy little black dog, called back to the leash after almost leaving on her own little jaunt. Posted by Hello

Little black dog, stalking something. Since it was over the fence, I'm not sure what she was interested in. Posted by Hello