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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Film

Here's some more shots with the Minolta. You can see some vignetting, the lens is part of the two lens kit, and even back then kit lenses were rather cheesy.

However, I did find a solution to the resolution problem. My local Costco minilab operator built up a custom scan size for me. These were scanned at 8x14 at 300 dpi, or about 7.5 megapixels.

It's a pity APS doesn't come in higher quality than the stuff Fuji puts out. You can see the film imperfections as white spots here and there.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another film shot.

And the star of the show, no less.

APS is a smaller format than 35mm, and a different aspect ratio, to boot. 7:4 vs 3:2. That is, for every 7mm on the long side, it is 4mm on the short side, where 35mm is 3mm on the long side for every 2mm on the short side. Too bad the chuckleheads designing the stuff didn't go the other way, toward a more square format, like 4:3, or even 1:1. Those look better for portraits, and that's what most APS film was used for. Landscapes look better in a longer format, but APS is too small to capture the amount of detail you need for a good landscape shot.

That problem might be a alleviated a bit by the availability of a higher resolution scan, but most minilabs (1 Hour Photos) offer only the 4x7 or 1200x2100 pixel scan.

Pity, that.

If anyone has a solution to that which does not involve me buying thousands of dollars worth of equipment, let me know in the comments.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Try some film.

These are all from an old Minolta APS film SLR I picked up recently for chump change. Good stuff, if you like film, which I don't, particularly. But shooting with a film SLR forces a change in the photographer's perspective. For me, that manifests as more thoughtful shots, with more attention paid to composition. After all, I've only got 25 shots to the roll to get it right.
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