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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Fuji GA645 just pwned your DSLR.

Do that with your DSLR. No, seriously. I know what you're thinking: "Well, I can take EV down -2/3, crank up the saturation to max, and blah blah blah, I'm there."

Not quite.

First of all, your DSLR, unless you have a Sigma, is interpolating 2/3 of the color data for every pixel. Secondly, even if you have a Sigma, you're a long long long way away from the resolution I captured with that frame of Velvia 50. How far?

What you're looking at is a Picasa2/Blogger downsize from a 2400dpi scan of 6x4.5 film. Total megapixels is about 20, and every single pixel has full color information. Starting to feel a bit green about the gills about the money you spent on the latest greatest trendiest DSLR? Better grab the upchuck bucket then, cupcake, because I'm about to spread some icing.

If I were going to make a decent sized print (and had the computer to handle the file size) I would scan at 4800dpi, which most people agree is the most one can get out of an Epson V700. Even with the magnificent betterscanning film holder, I don't think I can get much more. (As a quick aside, I'd like to state for the record that Epson's OEM film holders for the V700 are some of the worst garbage ever shipped by anyone, anywhere. The only reason they're not worse is that they didn't actually kill someone when I tried to use them.)

That's an 80 megapixel image.

Not bad for a camera I bought for $400.00 used, eh?

Thanks again to Ken Rockwell, for all the swell articles on things like free full frame digital, medium format film photography, film vs. digital, and why film isn't going away.
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