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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Use your flash in daylight!

As you can see, even daylit subjects can benefit from flash. The top shot was flash off, and is rather dull and uninspiring.

The bottom shot is direct flash, and is better than basic daylight, but still rather, well, wrong. Nikon's flash exposure, as always, is excellent, but that's not the problem. The problem is that it's direct flash exposure. Yech.

The second shot, on the other hand, is bounce flash at 90 degrees, reflected off the roof over my porch. I much prefer the effect. Whenever possible, I bounce my flash, which is another reason I chose Nikon over Canon for the small carry everywhere DSLR. Nikon's SB-400 has up to 90 degrees swivel, where Canon's baby (basic) flash has no swivel. Canon has been a bit slow to respond to the two things that make Nikon such a winner in the small DSLR area: small swivel flash and the 18-200VR lens.

Had Canon yanked their head out (and come up with a decent auto ISO function) I probably would have purchased a Rebel XTI instead.

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