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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why you need a hot shoe flash, indoor edition.

Both of these pictures were taken with the flash bouncing off the ceiling. See how even and diffuse the light is? I could invest in some tupperware (a plastic diffuser) and go direct flash, but why? The lighting wouldn't be any better. Diffusers are really only useful in those rare situations when I need direct flash on the subject, and then I probably wouldn't bother anyway, since Nikon's lighting is so gosh darned perfect every time.

Maybe if I was shooting a wedding, but for the moment, my wedding gear is all Canon, and I have diffusers for my 580 EX flash.

Save your money and get a flash that can be bounced off the ceiling. For Nikon, that's the SB-400, SB-600, and SB-800. For Canon, that's the 430 EX and 580 EX II. For everybody else, consult your manufacturer's website. I'm not going to post about something for which I have no experience.

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